What our customers are saying/Reviews

What our customers are saying!

Highly recommend! Always fast shipping and perfect transaction!

Not my first time ordering and it wont be my last. Always exceptional in every way.

Package delivered yesterday. This is not a vendor to take the money and run. 10/10
Sent off a vial to Jano just to be safe. Came back perfect, which is probably no surprise.
A+++ No need to say more.
Prompt service great products,always as described. Will remain a loyal customer.
Best vendor ever. Like the look of the tweak from the last batch. Love this stack SO MUCH. Looking forward to some fresh Var though cant wait.

The is the best of the best This HGH tested proper. AS, PLEASE never leave us. Love the new packaging too
Fast T2D well packaged and seriously a gift?

I love you. Legit product too. Happy buyer here!!!
Literally came in 3 days super legit packaging. Order with confidence!!!
These guys have earned Legendary Status for the effort they put in on Empire.

Stay safe friends.
Perfect - best source of all time. Period.
Tested the Anavar and Testosterone on the HPLC on campus. Absolutely legit. Wish I wasn't a poor student. 🙁 #GETBIG Thanks mate!
Everything is golden, vendor is very fast and responsive.

Gear is top quality and high quality labels.
Held off on this review until i got the results of my bloodwork.

Test C and Decca are definately legit!!
FANTASTIC SELLER. quality, speed, communication, looked out for me on a personal level. they went out of their way to fix a mistake I made! I feel like I still owe this seller money. Dont go thru nobody else sorry.
10/10 best gear on any dark market hands down.
Been a customer for YEARS. Never seen a vendor reinvest so much into his craft. AS deserves your business.
Always and forever my favorite vendor. Thank you for all you do and keeping it professional.
5/5 Always reliable. For TRT I dont trust anyone else.
AmericanSteroid is great and crazy fast. This is my new go to! These guys are the best on the internet.
Super fast shipping. Randomly sent me about $80 of freebies for being loyal. Great comms. great packaging for resale value. will be returning for more.
GREAT STUFF! Very high quality and fast shipping.

My friends and I always get great results from this vendor
USPS fucked up the products being careless but vendor was responsive and worked it out and did a really good job making it right and replying right away. Its the reason I only use this vendor.
was buying my products from GearChurch and royally fucked my hormones up bad. AS Stepped up in my time of need and helped me out of a dark place. I probably owe them my life.
I paid to have a vial of AS Primobolan sent to Janoshik to get tested. I compete professionally so I wont invest my time on an inferior product. Test came back perfect and I went on to place 2nd overall. I will be back!