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Proviron (Mesterolone) is a powerful anti-estrogen. Derived from DHT (dihydrotestosterone).
It has no anabolic properties, this synthetic androgen is used as anti aromatic. This means that as part of a steroid cure, it will prevent the transformation of your androgens into estrogens.

Its combination with Nolvadex makes it a formidable tandem to use as a support cure during your cure.

Clinical studies proviron

In the medical context, Proviron is used to reduce the problems associated with male sex hormone deficiency Testosterone. In the 1970s, it was used with some success in controlled studies concerning men suffering from various forms of depression. More recently, a clinical trial of 38 men with dysthymia administered daily dosages of 75 mg for 4 weeks. A marked improvement in symptoms including anxiety, lack of desire and lack of self-confidence have been reported.
Dysthymia is a mood disorder involving depressive behavior. It is sort of a chronic depression.

The second part of this study involved administering higher doses (450mg / day) to a group of 52 individuals with an average age of 40 years and also suffering from dysthymia (chronic mood disorder). This 6-week clinical trial included half of the subjects who received a placebo.

Unfortunately, there was no significant difference between the two groups. This is probably because of the high dosages that were administered. If this is not a decrease in the levels of “ LH ” better known as luteinizing hormone. Luteinizing hormone stimulates the production of testosterone by the interstitial cells of the testis.

Positive effect of Proviron

This drug can produce a large number of benefits to the user of steroids. The first obvious use of Proviron is that it has been designed to treat sexual dysfunction. It should not be forgotten that Proviron is a potent androgen and that androgenic hormones have a significant influence on libido.
For some reason, many steroid users will experience a loss of libido during a steroid cycle.

Proviron, for most people, prevents this effect. According to the testimony of some users, this compound is almost as powerful as a small dose of viagra. In a steroid cure, it is very common that Testosterone and other androgens are converted to estrogen by an enzyme known as aromatase.

Proviron has an affinity for the enzyme aromatase that is actually stronger than Testosterone.
It thus tends to bind to it at a higher rate than the Testosterone , but without converting to estrogen, so it reduces the levels of aromatase, Which will lead to less androgen conversion to estrogen.

And leaving the androgens to walk more freely in your body and make you take full advantage of the anabolic effects.

Another great reason to use Proviron is that it is useful for muscle growth.

As with aromatase, Proviron tends to bind to this binding protein at a higher rate than Testosterone, thus allowing it to bind to androgen receptors in your muscle tissue. Another factor often overlooked is the potential for fat burning provided by Proviron. It is generally said that steroids do not have a real effect on fat burning. But research suggests that the stronger androgens has an ability to cause adipose tissue to release fatty acids.

Secondary effect of Provion

We can not really talk about the negative effects caused by normal doses of Proviron.

In the event of non-compliance with the dosages, however, it is possible to observe a very slight retention of water.

The Proviron being in 90% of cases used with Nolvadex, This water retention will be mitigated by the use of the latter.

It is worth remembering that the recommended dosage for Proviron is:

25 mg Per day for men and women for a normal cure.
50 mg Per day for men who do a very large steroid cure.

This difference is explained by the fact that Proviron is a highly androgenic drug.

How to use Proviron?

Proviron or Mesterolone is well tolerated and doesn’t cause many side effects. To get maximum results from Proviron (Mesterolone) with minimum side effects, you should use it properly with the correct doses and cycle duration.

Proviron Dosage

The typical dosage range of Proviron is between 25 mg to 250 mg. The recommended Proviron dosage is 50 mg per day to get effective results. Generally, this steroid is well-tolerated, but when you use its high dose and use it for the long term, it may cause various negative side effects.

When women take its high doses, it may cause virilization effects in them. So, we strongly advise you to follow the recommended dosage. The 50 mg per day is a sufficient dosage to get several benefits from Proviron.

Proviron Cycle

The ideal Proviron cycle is for 10 to 12 weeks. This will prevent aromatization. Proviron usage will suppress the natural production of testosterone levels, so you need to use a slightly longer cycle. Proviron is generally stacked with testosterone because DHT binds to SHBG; this would allow users to get a great volume of testosterone and enhance all the androgenic effects.

What Are The Benefits Of Proviron?

Proviron might not actually work well, but when you consume it properly with the right stack, you will get numerous benefits. The most important benefit of Proviron is for those people struggling with hypogonadism. People with hypogonadism aren’t able to produce a proper amount of testosterone.

In this case, you’ll experience various impressive Proviron benefits:

Increase muscle mass
Increase bone density
Fat loss
Great for cutting
Treat infertility
Treat impotence
Inhibits Aromatization
No injection
Add lean muscle mass

If this is the case, then users will likely experience some impressive or effective benefits from using something like this.


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