PEG-MGF – 2mg


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PEG-MGF – 2mg


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What is a PEG-MGF 2 mg?

PEG-MGF stands for pegylated mechano-growth factor, which is an anabolic peptide found in muscles, bones, nerves, tendons, and heart tissues when stress levels in the body increase. It is a variant of insulin growth factor 1, and scientists have examined it for its abilities to increase endurance, strengthen the immune system, reduce body fat and lower cholesterol levels. The main function is the healing and growth of muscles. The peptide binds to receptors and treats damaged muscle tissue, offering a faster recovery.

Stimulation of muscle cell growth and healing

Pegylated mechano growth factor is a shortened and slightly altered form of insulin growth factor 1 (IGF-1). Research shows that it stimulates the formation of new muscle cells (myoblasts) and their developmental resolution (differentiation). PEG-MGF has also been studied in a research aimed at increasing endurance, boosting of the immune system function, lowering cholesterol levels and reducing overall body fat. Therefore, there is evidence to suggest that PEG-MGF improves the healing-related immune function and thus the shorter time required to heal wounds.

For weight loss, better immunity and improved sensory perception. It involves a process called pegylation, which is a polyethylene glycol linked to a chemical compound that helps reduce the body’s natural immune response to certain chemicals or compounds. It can also increase the half-life of substances contained in blood. Unlike MGF, PEG-MGF breaks down more slowly in the blood, meaning its effects last longer. In addition to muscle growth and healing, this peptide can also be useful in promoting weight loss, boosting the immune system, and improving cognitive functions.

Cardiac function support

According to research, the peptide prevents cellular degeneracy that occurs in heart muscle cells after hypoxia, a condition where the body is deprived of oxygen. The peptide also sends heart stem cells to the site of injury, helping to regenerate and heal tissues and muscles in the heart after heart-related injuries.
How does PEG-MGF 2 mg peptide work?

MGF is used for creating and building muscle tissue and stimulating increased amounts of muscle fibres and restoring them. It promotes the division of muscle cells, which causes the merging and development of muscle tissue. This process is necessary for muscle growth in adults. It is therefore used by bodybuilders and athletes to accelerate growth of muscle mass. Another advantage is its use in in reduction of body fat, strengthening of the immune system and skin, bones, control of cholesterol levels, increase of endurance and acceleration of regeneration of damaged tissues.

Researches have found it regenerates heart muscle, teeth, bones and cartilage. It also has effects on motor neuron regeneration in the brain and is suitable in case of neurological diseases.

Possible side effects

Listed here are some rare but possible side effects of PEG-MGF:

– Nosebleed
– Increased heart rate
– Tingling sensation in the fingertips
– Swelling at the injection site
– An itching sensation after an injection

A side effect of pegylated mechano-growth factor is usually high doses of the substance or an inappropriate diet. When taking higher doses than recommended, the effect of this peptide does not increase, but the possibility of side effects does. Therefore, it is important to observe and not exceed the recommended dosage.

Diet-related side effects are common. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust and adapt the diet until the required balance is reached. Calories need to be adjusted using complex carbohydrates and quality proteins. It is reported that an increase in calories is a normal phenomenon, but the intake of nutritious substances must come from a clean diet, not from dietary supplements.

The first significant sign of missing enough good-quality calories from fresh food is a dull headache. It usually disappears when a correct calorie intake is achieved. Another side effect is lassitude. On first use, it takes time until you find a balance that is optimal for you.
Recommended method of storage, use and dosage

After reconstitution with water you should store PEG-MGF in the refrigerator and out of direct light for 10-14 days.

Due to prolonged effect, we recommended to use the medicine one day and miss one day after that, and to use it three times a week maximum. Every day use does not increase the effect.
The dosage varies from 200 to 400 micrograms injected on both sides, that is, 100 – 200 micrograms of injected substance into each bicep.

We do not recommend exceed maximum dosage of 800 micrograms, because in some people this can cause hypoglycaemia. When taking the peptide, we recommended to always have some form of simple carbohydrates to hand to prevent a sudden drop in blood sugar, causing lassitude or fainting.

All peptides are officially intended for laboratory and research purposes only.

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